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All about Jazz

Andrey Buligin | 03.05.2011 19:04

Everyone loves the music, but not everyone knows what “jazz” means…Early jazzmen said "to jazz" was to fornicate, while a "jazzbow" was considered to mean a lover of the ladies. Many literary scholars argue that the term “jazz” originated in the jargon of Chaucer and Shakespeare. While musician and songwriter Clarence Williams takes credit for the term by declaring that he was the first to ever use the word “jazz” in a song.

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Гладиаторы и спорт

Andrey Buligin | 02.05.2011 18:30

Римские гладиаторы были настоящими героями — из бесправных рабов выбивались в богатеев и знаменитостей, по ним сохли все женщины империи, и они всегда были в идеальной физической форме. Иначе первое же выступление стало бы последним. Спасибо историкам, мы досконально знаем, как тренировались гладиаторы. А так же можем дать пару советов нынешним атлетам.

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History of gladiators

Andrey Buligin | 02.05.2011 18:08

Gladiators (from Latin gladiatores) were both professional and amateur fighters in ancient Rome who fought for the entertainment of its “civilized” spectators. These matches took place in arenas in throughout the empire and for the bulk of its history. Man vs. man and man against animal engagements, in combat that was at times to the death, was the ancient world sport that rivaled all of modern society spectacles rolled into one.

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