About me

Andrey BuliginAbout me
My Name is Andrey Buligin I was born in Riga, Latvia and in 2009 I relocated to London. I love both these cities, they are amazing. London is great if you are searching for new opportunities in your career and Riga is one of the best places for night outs.

Work Experience
Already in a secondary school I knew that I want to become a developer, so I started to attend famous "Progmeistars" courses which included basic programming, code writing, maths and commonly used algorithms. After I graduated, I went to RVT in Riga and after four years I got a Programmer's degree. When I started my second course at RVT, I  was already working for IDATA, where I spent the next four years as a web developer. During employment at IDATA, I enchanted my deverlopment skills to decent level. From time to time I was doing some freelancing for a variety of companies. I was fortunate enough to work with great people, allowing me to bring a unique perspective to all my projects. After working with some great and well known clients, I decided that I need a new challenge, new experience, something innovative in my work and then I made the move to London. I started to work for KD Web - web development company that had various type of client and projects starting with e-commerce solutions and ending up with business applications for banking sector. They gave me considerable leverage on not only designing and building large projects, but also creative management and pitch strategy. Later I found out that I still need something more challenging and I found it, it was Vision With Technology. Vision with Technology has been working on interesting and challenging project coming from variety of most recognizable brands like Financial Times, Energy Saving Trust, CNBC and many more. It has been an amazing experience for me be part of the Vision team, but I had to move on. So I joined LBi Group as a Senior Interface Developer. After seven years of web development I understood that creating interactive user experience with responsive web design that would support different type of devices starting from mobile and ending up with big desktop screens is something I am very interested in. At the point when LBI couldn't provide me with interesting projects I decided to move on and I joined Tag Worldwide to assist them developing responsive web application that would be consumed by large business. Seven months later I decided to switch to contracting and joined Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as a lead front-end engineer.

I think it's quite obvious that web technology, web innovations and stuff like that are my key interests. I'm quite passionate about it. I like all these fancy dialog boxes, lovely sliding and fading elements on the pages, this great usability and simplicity they are producing. But that is not the only one thing I really enjoy. Another part of my interests since childhood has been sport and all types of activities. I played football, went to swimming pool, attended gym and martial arts courses. I always try to find some time to keep myself in a good shape. Also I love traveling. I think that is one of the most exciting things people can do - travel around the world, learn new cultures, get insight on foreign traditions. You can enjoy amazing nature and astonishing sights almost everywhere in the world. Almost forgot to mention that there is another thing I probably can't live without - it is music. Music is my passion! I listen to it in on the tube while commuting, eight hours at work in the office and later at home! Music gives me a wave of positive emotions that makes me very creative and productive.